Why choose acupuncture for auto accident injury pain relief?

1. Acupuncture is excellent at relieving pain. (Tiffany’s techniques usually relieve pain in the first session!)

2. Motor vehicle accidents can easily throw our bodies into unusual positions, taking us “off the map” of normal body motion that our brains recognize. When that happens, the brain sounds the metaphorical alarm, and lockdown happens until the body can unhook from the “off the map” experience. This results in chronic pain! 

3. Auto insurance policies often pay in full for acupuncture treatments, so there is typically no out-of-pocket fee for patients. (In other words, if you’re in pain, you have no excuse not to get treatment!)

4. Prescription pain medications can be addictive. Over 8.5 million Americans abuse pain medications. Acupuncture can help relief pain so you can stop taking pain medicine much sooner. Acupuncture can also treat addiction, so it’s a win-win.

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