Pain relief strategies at home

As an example, here is my most recent injury and my at-home treatment of it.

Last month I tripped over a couple of wiggling first graders and fell hard onto my knees. I bruised a bit, and it was painful for about a week.

For the acute stage I used Arnica Gel topically right on the bruises, a couple times a day. That helped a lot – the bruises were very large and dark but the discoloration and pain went away quickly. I also used moxa and my glutathione precursor mix (I’ll post about that soon!)

I also had a very warm bath with 3 cups of  Epsom Salt. I prefer buying in large quantities because I go through it quickly, and I prefer it without additives.

I was pleased with the healing of my knees and promptly forgot about the whole thing once the color returned to normal.

The other day I was using moxa on a patient’s feet and had to sit on the floor to do so. Getting up I had pain in one knee — strong, unfamiliar pain.

It took me a couple of days to figure out where the pain had come from, since I had so thoroughly forgotten falling.

I consider this to be a new stage, moving into chronic now. The Epsom salt baths will still be nice, but I will also add self-massage with a little oil, working deeply, which may bring up a little discoloration again.

Rubbing fresh sliced ginger on the area before or during the massaging will help invigorate and warm the area.

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