The January slump and habits

January is a tough month. People often think they’ve overindulged in the holiday season and they reflexively tighten up during January to compensate. Gyms see a lot of newcomers. Journals are started. Many people cut out alcohol and sweets. 

By the end of the year, most people have gone back to their old habits. 

Sticking to a new habit is a science:

  • Make it simple: start with 30 seconds per day. 
  • Attach it to an “anchor” if possible – something you already do habitually 
  • Review new habit completion (or non-completion) at end of day and end of week, for 4 weeks. 

If it’s a really tight elimination, like kicking a sugar addiction, go slow. Cut your current intake by half, and stay there for a week or two. Then cut by half again, and keep going til you can easily eliminate it. 

If you find yourself feeling low in January, it may be due to the lack of sunshine, so increase your vitamin D! The best way to do this is with food supplementation. I use Green Pasture Fermented cod liver oil (ew, I know, it doesn’t taste good but it is a miraculous food). And I ALWAYS take grass fed butter oil with it. 

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