The simple challenge of corn tortillas

I love a good taco. I also like using high quality ingredients. It is challenging to procure tacos of the quality I prefer. That’s predicament number one. 
The easy answer is to make them at home – easy except for one major component: the corn tortilla. 

Have you ever tried to warm those suckers up at home? Every time I do, I end up with a warm, messy, torn, un-taco-able stuff, and I eat my taco meat with a fork. Until today. 

I’m using (as always) organic, non-GMO sprouted corn tortillas. This method should work even if you are using a different type of corn tortilla.

First, get a bowl of cold water and a clean dish towel. Put oil in your pan. I’m using organic olive oil and a properly maintained cast iron pan, I used about 1 turn of the pan, which is approximately a tbsp, of oil. Heat up the pan, on medium-high. When the pan is hot, fully dip one tortilla in water, and then place it in the pan. Let it cook about 30 seconds, flip it, and give it 30 seconds more. Then remove it (use a pancake turner/spatula) and place it on the clean towel. Go through this process with each tortilla, stacking them after cooking, and when you’ve cooked all you intend to, fold the towel over the stack to keep them warm and soft. 

Tacos are better without forks!

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