I fixed a horrible notes app glitch, here’s how:

The most recent 11 notes were showing up normally. I looked at an older note, where the title/first line appeared normal on the list of notes, and instead of seeing the rest of the note I expected, once opened, the note was full of content from a recent note. The note previous to that held content to another recent note, etc. in order, repeating the content of 10 recent notes. 
This is possibly the weirdest glitch I’ve seen. 
But I fixed it.
It still seems kind of unclear, especially given the glitch I know you’re talking about. Here’s an example:

Note 1: ABC

Note 2: DEF

Note 3: GHI


The list of notes accurately represented the m, in other words, Note 12 in the list had what I expected it to have, but when I OPENED note 12, it said: ABC (like Note 1). And note 13, similarly, had the right first line as its title on the list but when opened said DEF like note 2, and so on. For ALL 256 notes. I use the notes app often. 

Here’s the fix.

Since the title/first line was still intact I thought it was likely that the notes were not lost. I couldn’t find any info on this glitch online. But it is associated with an email on my phone, which means the “notes” switch is toggled on in that email’s settings. So I switched it to off, (settings > mail, contacts, calendars > (email associated with the notes in question). First I confirmed that it *should* make a notes folder in that email account, populated with all the notes, and not delete all notes from existence. All the notes on the phone in that folder were deleted, which the phone asked for confirmation that I wanted to do (hence the double checking) and a notes folder appeared in that email account when I went to the mail app. All the notes had the original accurate content in the mail folder. I can’t get those back on the notes app, as I understand it, but that is ok by me. They’re safe. 

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