The best diapers on the planet, and other related things.

imageI used to envy cloth diapering moms just a little bit. But I have found a diaper I love so much that I no longer feel guilty for not using cloth: Poofs. True to their name, they’re downright magical. They are excellent absorbers, they’re antibacterial and biodegradable and they don’t have the nasty stuff most other disposables have – none of those icky gel/plasticky beads, among other things…

Biodegradable and compostable diapers. Let that sink in.

Also, with Poofs we have had no diaper rashes, no blow outs (except when someone forgot to flare out the edges), and we have a very happy baby. She doesn’t like wearing diapers, or shoes, or clothes for that matter, because she’s a baby and who the heck wants to wear stuff? But in my very scientific comparison of diaper brands, I found she was far more likely to remove other brands of diapers, leading me to believe she liked them less.

I also use compressed dehydrated wipes (also compostable!) by Wysi. They’re about the size of a few stacked nickels, made of vegetable cellulose, and I wet them and unroll them before use. When she was an infant I used Thayer’s witch hazel (rose), and at some point I switched to plain water. I usually only need one or two Wysi wipes, although lately she refuses to lay down for changes, so it’s challenging, but hey doesn’t every baby do that?

Have I mentioned I avoid preservatives? I love the Wysi wipes for that feature. Try finding another wipe out there without preservatives (Spoiler: there isn’t one!)

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