Make your own coconut milk

It’s labor intensive and you’ll need some equipment:


Nut Milk Bag

Wide Mouth 1.5 Pint Ball® Mason Jar is my favorite

Tongs and a gas stove really help.

I’m sure you know how to open a coconut but just in case: hold it over a large bowl, and hit it with the back of a cleaver or large chef’s knife. Turn the coconut so that you are hitting it in a line along the circumference. After a few whacks it will start to break open and fluid (coconut water!) will leak out into the bowl. Keep whacking if necessary to get the halves to split, or pull them apart of you can.

Empty the rest of the coconut water into the bowl. Smell it. It should smell good, and so should the coconut meat. Look at the coconut meat: is it firm? Are there any colors besides white? If it is soft and mushy, but not smelly , was it a young coconut? If it has pink on it, it might be ok to eat. Use your judgment. I had the tiniest bit of pink on mine and I chose to cut that piece off. Some people say colors are ok as long as the odor is good.

Now you have to get the meat out of the shell it’s daunting task. The following method may not be suitable for everyone, but it is what I did. Try it at your own risk, and take precautions! I used my gas stove and set the coconut half on the burner directly. I adjusted the flame to be high enough to hit the coconut but not lick up the sides all the way.

After a few minutes I could hear a hissing sound, which I believe was the coconut oil coming into the coconut bowl. I turned off the heat, held the coconut with tongs and placed an oyster knife in between the meat and shell. The bowl of meat slipped out easily.

I repeated the process with the other half. Then I trimmed the small amount of inner shell off the coconut meat.

Place the 2 coconut halves into a vitamix after cutting them into smaller pieces. Add all of the coconut water. Blend it until it’s smooth. Depending on how much coconut water there was you may need to add a little water.

Pour some into the milk bag, place the milk bag corner over the ball jar, and squeeze. You’ll be left with these two components: a container of dry coconut shreds and a lot of beautiful coconut milk.

It is best immediately. If you save it, refrigerate it. It won’t be as smooth cold because the oil gives it more texture when cold. But it is delicious, and additive free.

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