Project Springtime, part 3: letting the girls out

The chicks are getting big, of course, and wanting to explore. I don’t have the heart to put a cover on their brooder so they keep getting out and leaving gross not-exactly-breadcrumb trails showing me where they’ve been all night on my front porch. I re-vamped their area so they’d be leaving trails mostly on cardboard and paper, and hopefully after they transition to the coop it will be easy to clean up after them. 

Today, after many many many days of rain, it was cloudy, and I was home planting seeds. I realized quickly that the girls NEEDED to get out in this short window, as they’re about 6 weeks old and have only known pine shavings and front porchy things. I made a quick makeshift enclosure of the front yard next to me, and brought out clean water. Madame Secretary, the buff Orpington, came out first. She is largest but I’ve realized she isn’t the leader. She was a bit concerned to be out by herself. Rashida and Albertina came out together and they 3 huddled for a moment and moved about in close proximity. It seemed they got pretty excited about the new things to peck at. Sadly, it began to rain – although lightly. I stayed out and finished the planting, and as I was getting ready to bring them in I noticed they were nearing the bushes for cover. 

Thankfully it was a smooth and easy exploration, no casualties or chasing involved. I look forward to more!

And the parts to the chicken coop are all sitting in wait, measured and cut. I will do a lot of things with a baby strapped to me, but using a circular saw to cut the angles on these boards isn’t one of them. Soon I will have help. 

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