Cod liver oil

In a nutshell, because this is lengthy: take 1-2tsp fermented cod liver oil daily, with an equal amount of grass fed ghee. If you cant take it straight, encapsulate it yourself – carefully.

Weston Price, dentist turned ethnographer, went around the world in the early 1900s searching for answers about dentition.

Some groups of people had perfect dentition even without brushing their teeth, and some had terribly jagged teeth with malformed facial structures and rotting teeth to boot. The primary difference was diet: those maintaining their culture’s traditional diet were more likely to have perfect dentition, and those who had adopted the westernized diet (the inclusion of refined flour and refined sugar being important differences from the traditional diet) had the rotten and malformed dentition.

He even found a few groups experiencing westernization while he was present, and a few families where one sibling maintained the traditional diet and another adopted the western diet. These family comparisons illustrated the point further: refined sugar and flour are implicated in the deviation from perfect dentition.

The traditional diets all had some things in common, namely, sources of Vitamins A, D, and K2 were revered. At the time, Price didn’t know what K2 was, though he knew it was from grass fed milk primarily. He called it “Activator X.”

Studies were conducted comparing the saliva of traditional dieters and modern dieters, and the effects of the two salivas on the calcium and phosphorus in ground up teeth. More calcium and phosphorus were brought IN to the teeth of the traditional dieter’s saliva, while the modern saliva leached calcium and phosphorus OUT of the teeth.

Benefits of fermented cod liver oil ad grass fed ghee are not limited to dental health, though the dental benefits can be astounding: soft dark cavities have been hardened and color normalized with high (2 – 3 tsp) daily doses of fermented cod liver oil and grass fed ghee. Children’s dental demineralization can be halted if caught soon enough.

Because the vitamins are in their natural state and proper ratio, they are not toxic.

It is imperative to get cod liver oil that has NOT been refined or deodorizer, as these have al had the vitamins stripped and synthetic vitamins have been added. Synthetic vitamins carry a risk of toxicity in high doses. Green Pasture makes the fermented cod liver oil, and Rosita Real Foods makes an extra virgin cod liver oil which should also be sufficient. Grassfed ghee is more available now than ever, but beware of poor quality ghee.

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