So what if I like chicken nuggets?

It all started a few months ago at the grocery store. We have an excellent local chain grocery here and they often have sampling of new or interesting items. I had been craving fried chicken, and had just recently burned my arm with the oil while making what I considered (unfortunately) sub-par fried chicken. I still have a couple of marks from those burns. 

Anyway, we were at the store and the sample was breaded chicken tenders, an organic version and a gluten free version. Both tasted good for frozen food, and they had an excellent coupon so I bought a package for those super-hungry-kid moments. I think I ate most of them. 

Fast forward a couple months and I’ve bought them 2 more times (without the extra good coupon) and eaten them all myself on nights when, like tonight, the baby needed to get to sleep an hour ago but I haven’t eaten dinner yet. Each time I’ve thought, I should just make these – they’d taste better and be less expensive. I think the package was about half a pound for $11 – on sale. 

So today I made them. They were MUCH better, and much less expensive. As usual (especially with the first time I make something) I didn’t measure anything but this will be a repeat recipe. 

Here is what I used:

1lb organic boneless skinless chicken thighs, cut with scissors into strips (not uniformly)

Salt, pepper, cumin, red pepper flakes, ancho chili powder, fresh garlic

Grassfed lassi (yogurt is a potential substitute, as is an egg)

Fresh breadcrumbs, grated Parmesan, coconut flakes

Baked at 400F for 25 minutes

This is a good one handed recipe for moms with babies on their hips. As is the case with most everything I do, my baby was on my hip (mostly nursing) or at my feet creating obstacle courses for me with all the bowls, bags, and containers in her reach. 

The typical breading process is: dredge with flour, dip into beaten egg, coat with breadcrumbs. Here is why I did NOT do that: 

1. Chicken is bland, flour is bland. Salt and pepper (even with other spices!) in the dredging flour (even in the breadcrumbs too!) hasn’t satisfied me. 

2. I buy the really expensive delicious eggs and I eat them every morning. I didn’t want to waste one (or two!) in this breading process. 

3. Breadcrumbs are yummy, but the packaged ones had additional ingredients that I didn’t want. I knew I had an organic sourdough baguette end, so I toasted a few slices and ground them up to a nice texture. Parmesan was unnecessary but added flavor without more spice. Coconut was also unnecessary but added sweetness without refined sugar. 

First I added spices to the cut up chicken and mixed it with a fork. I was pretty liberal with the seasoning.  Then I added a few glugs of lassi to the bowl and mixed it enough to just coat the chicken. I mixed the breadcrumbs and Parmesan (about equal parts) with a handful of coconut, lined my cookie sheet with parchment paper, and one by one I coated each piece of chicken with the breading mixture. When I got to the last 3 little pieces of chicken, I was out of breading, had no reserve crumbs made, and had a fussy baby, so I opted for just Parmesan and coconut for those. The ended up much darker and also delicious. Next time I will periodically add more coconut to the breading, as it seemed to dwindle after the first few pieces. 

The end result was spectacular. I will need to make bigger batches because it won’t last long in the freezer. 

Another post about my baby getting over a cold

I know I just posted about how this homeopathic (some of you probably refer to these as “sugar pills”) made a big difference in my baby’s well being. 

That isn’t all that is helping her. I’m also REALLY fond of my Essential Oil diffuser. I’ve used many diffusers, and I like this one the best because the output is higher and it lasts all night. Typically I want the oils diffused during the night, and if it peters out after a couple hours that’s just not good enough. I do sometimes think the oils have all been diffused so I add more, but it’s hard to tell when I’m in the same room all night. I bet if I came in after being outside I would have a different experience. 

Which oils am I diffusing? I’m glad you asked. Mostly eucalyptus oil. I do sometimes add lavender but it hasn’t helped nearly as much as the eucalyptus. 

The first cold she had (this is only the third) lavender worked well. I also didn’t want to try much else. The last 2 have required eucalyptus for opening her sinuses. 

I use about 15-20 shakes of the oil bottle into about 400-500 mL of  water. I do not use the light function. 
The other day when she was more stuffed up I did have to wave the open bottle in front of her. But that gets tricky as she wants to grab everything. No EO on baby hands, too easy to get it in baby mouths or baby eyes. That would be bad. 

Warning: this post may be about sugar pills

Sugar is highly addictive, but you knew that already. That is not the reason I avoid it. 

I have cavities.

But that’s a better intro to a different post. Right now I want to talk about sugar pills. Specifically, homeopathic remedies, which are often in a sugar pill form. 

For the record I would prefer a different form, to avoid the sugar, because I over complicate my response but again, this is for a different post. 

Homeopathic remedies have a bad reputation, I have come to learn. Many people disregard them as worthless, or “no better than placebo.” Placebo does work 1/3 of the time though, right? I’d prefer better efficacy than that, but it’s not bad. And I don’t think the placebo effect works if you do not believe in the remedy whatsoever. 

I have also learned enough about homeopathics to know that I know very little about their use. I can adequately recommend 2 remedies: arnica for soft tissue injury/bruising, and phytolacca for mastitis. I’m able to research more about any particular remedy, just as I would an unfamiliar herb but I often go to others who are more educated about homeopathy and then read extensively before using it.

My baby had a fever up and down for 3 days. Babies, by the way, respond very well to homeopathic remedies. So I looked up the fever remedies, determined which of the 10 patterns fit best and called an experienced homeopath who echoed my recommendation. 

Within about 20 minutes of taking one little sugar pill homeopathic remedy, her mood brightened, her fever dropped and stayed normal the rest of the day. 

Hard to argue with success. Why bother?