Warning: this post may be about sugar pills

Sugar is highly addictive, but you knew that already. That is not the reason I avoid it. 

I have cavities.

But that’s a better intro to a different post. Right now I want to talk about sugar pills. Specifically, homeopathic remedies, which are often in a sugar pill form. 

For the record I would prefer a different form, to avoid the sugar, because I over complicate my response but again, this is for a different post. 

Homeopathic remedies have a bad reputation, I have come to learn. Many people disregard them as worthless, or “no better than placebo.” Placebo does work 1/3 of the time though, right? I’d prefer better efficacy than that, but it’s not bad. And I don’t think the placebo effect works if you do not believe in the remedy whatsoever. 

I have also learned enough about homeopathics to know that I know very little about their use. I can adequately recommend 2 remedies: arnica for soft tissue injury/bruising, and phytolacca for mastitis. I’m able to research more about any particular remedy, just as I would an unfamiliar herb but I often go to others who are more educated about homeopathy and then read extensively before using it.

My baby had a fever up and down for 3 days. Babies, by the way, respond very well to homeopathic remedies. So I looked up the fever remedies, determined which of the 10 patterns fit best and called an experienced homeopath who echoed my recommendation. 

Within about 20 minutes of taking one little sugar pill homeopathic remedy, her mood brightened, her fever dropped and stayed normal the rest of the day. 

Hard to argue with success. Why bother?

Pain relief strategies at home

As an example, here is my most recent injury and my at-home treatment of it.

Last month I tripped over a couple of wiggling first graders and fell hard onto my knees. I bruised a bit, and it was painful for about a week.

For the acute stage I used Arnica Gel topically right on the bruises, a couple times a day. That helped a lot – the bruises were very large and dark but the discoloration and pain went away quickly. I also used moxa and my glutathione precursor mix (I’ll post about that soon!)

I also had a very warm bath with 3 cups of  Epsom Salt. I prefer buying in large quantities because I go through it quickly, and I prefer it without additives.

I was pleased with the healing of my knees and promptly forgot about the whole thing once the color returned to normal.

The other day I was using moxa on a patient’s feet and had to sit on the floor to do so. Getting up I had pain in one knee — strong, unfamiliar pain.

It took me a couple of days to figure out where the pain had come from, since I had so thoroughly forgotten falling.

I consider this to be a new stage, moving into chronic now. The Epsom salt baths will still be nice, but I will also add self-massage with a little oil, working deeply, which may bring up a little discoloration again.

Rubbing fresh sliced ginger on the area before or during the massaging will help invigorate and warm the area.